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It is perhaps ironic that the devastating tragedy of Chernobyl, which took so many lives,

led to the discovery of life-enhancing MRET technology.

Following the disater at Chernobyl power plant the scientist Igor Smirnov, Ph.D. with his investigative team studied the beneficial health effects of mountain spring waters on people suffering from radiation diseases. They found out that one group of patients undergoing the rehabilitation in the health care facility in the area of mountain springs had significant health improvement although thousands of others did not have good results. Dr. Smirnov studied the spring water in this area and finally found out that this spring water had specific long-range dynamic molecular structuring. This was the seed from which sprouted one of the most innovative Molecular Resonance Effect technology developed by Igor Smirnov, Ph.D. Since 1990 in the USA Dr. Smirnov conducted extensive research and in 2000 was awarded with the US patent “Method and Device for Producing Activated Liquids and Method of Use thereof.”

A proen and patented system that

Alters the Molecular Structure of Water

using a non-contact, non-chemical and bio-safe method

100% Non-Contact

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100% Chemical-Free

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Some water systems use minerals and/or other substances to chemically alter the water’s pH values or kill bacteria. Such chemical processes are highly unstable. Chemical processes through electrolysis can also be used to ionize water introducing substances such as copper, silver, zinc and other metal alloys into water.

Although many systems claims that this alkalinizes and creates various health benefits, the effect is identical to drinking lime in tap water, which leads to cellular aggregation or dehydration. Chemical-based water systems are restricted to working on water only.


The MRET Liquid Activation System is unlike any other water system. It intelligently activates drinking water or any liquid like milk, juice, wine and oil, unlocking their most powerful health and wellness secrets. Through the proprietary, patented MRET Technology, it alters the molecular structure of water without any foreign or chemical substance being added into the water.

The process of MRET activation does not involve physical contact with the liquid being treated. Located above the surface of the liquids, the activation unit send waves of in controlled frequencies that resonates though the liquid, changing its molecular structure to give it its unique benefits.

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